Jobst AntiEM/GP Thigh High Seamless Anti-Embolism Elastic Stockings

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Jobst Anti-Em/GP Anti Embolism stockings are latex free and feature a convenient inspection window located on top of the foot so the patient's skin will never touch the floor
The Jobst Gradient Compression Seamless Anti-Embolism Elastic Knee Length Stocking is specifically designed to combat thromboembolism. The Jobst Anti-Embolism/GP Stocking applies a gradient compression, greatest at the ankle, and gradually decreasing to the thigh without tourniqueting or impeding the venous return. For fit, measure calf at largest circumference; measure leg from bottom of heel to bend of knee.
Anti-Em/GP Thigh High w/ Inspection Window
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This product cannot be returned for refund or exchange once sealed package is opened. It is intended for non-ambulatory bed-ridden patients, or post-surgical wear. If you are active & mobile, please purchase regular gradient Compression Stockings or gradient Compression Pantyhose.
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Thigh High Measuring Instructions

Ankle Measurement

Measure around your ankle (this measurement is called the circumference). Place the measuring tape at the narrowest part of the ankle, about half an inch above the ankle bone.
Note: This must always be your first measurement

Calf Measurement

Find the widest part of your calf. Measure the circumference of your calf.

Thigh Measurement

Find the widest part of your thigh - right under your buttocks. Measure the circumference of this part of your thigh.

Leg Length

Measure the distance from the bottom of your buttocks to the floor.

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